Media architecture

“The surface of architecture becomes the interface for communication.” At ‘Digitales Entwerfen’, School of Design Mainz at University of Applied Sciences Mainz, we work on transdisciplinary media projects in the field spacial communication - Kommunikation im Raum.

Digital design

Digital design changes the way we design and produce. But it can also change the way design looks like. At ‘Digitales Entwerfen’, School of Design Mainz we explore the impact of digital design on our environment in a cultural context.

Design strategies

Digital design is based on digital design strategies. A good understanding of these strategies and principles will help you with your own design.
Let’s look at this together!


Learn the principles of ‘Design Strategies’ for your projects in the learning sections. Right now we mainly work with the software: 3dsmax (3D modelling, visualisation, animation) and para 3D (parametric design).


For insights and inspiration only - the blog area will be a selection of external talks, projects and inspiration in the field of digital design and digital media. We are working on this...

resonate – light & sound installation

‘resonate’ is a transdisciplinary master project showed at the lighting festival Luminale, Frankfurt and ZKM, Karlsruhe (Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe):
Gold at Comm-Award and ADC-Award.


‘Kommunikation im Raum - Spatial Communication’ is a master program at School of Design Mainz, Germany. We’re looking forward to your application!

Interactive Kölsch

‘Interactive Kölsch’ is a master project of ‘Kommunikation im Raum - Spatial Communication’ for the ‘Furniture Fair Cologne’ and ‘Passagen’ in Cologne.